Lights: 35,777 (inc. 25,244 LEDs)
Type of Control: Computer (animated display)
Channels: 8,452


Sequence Length: 6 minutes, 49 seconds
Theme: Driftmoon - The Ark


Designed and Sequenced by: James Davis
Preparations by: Melanie Albright, Chris Davis and James Davis
Set Up by: Mary Authier, Casey Canella, Chris & Mary Davis, James Davis, Louise Davis, Artur Izoita, Joe Layman, Bea Neville, Carl & Jo Dee Schultz, Joe Smith and Bryan & Deanna Vesey


Peak Current Draw: 82 Amps
Peak Power Usage: 9,800 Watts
Estimated Energy Consumption: 2.8 billion Joules (770,000 Watt-hours)
Estimated Electricity Cost: $77


Approx. Preparation Time: 200 hours
Approx. Sequencing Time: 15 hours
Approx. Set-Up Time: 100 hours

Did you know?
It takes about a dozen people a full day to set up our display each year.

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