In July 2003, we moved from Bristol in the United Kingdom to St. Petersburg in the United States. After settling into life across the pond, we decided to make our mark and become known for being the Brits, as in the UK, 'who decorate at Christmas.'

Sticking to his mum and dad's request for "mostly clear" lights, James planned out a relatively small display for the Davises' first year decorating in America - just over 7500 lights purchased from Sears were used. The display featured thousands of clear mini lights used to outline the house (icicle lights on the roof, vallance lights above the garage and swag around the front door) and a handful of colours - red, green and blue - to pick out features in the garden; most notably the (now signature) palm trees.

The 2003 display was so well received that most of the key layout ideas have never been changed - the icicles, garage vallance, front door swag, wreath, net lights and of course palm trees remained the same until 2009.

Did you know?
It takes about a dozen people a full day to set up our display each year.

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