As a budding electrical engineer, James observed his work in 2004 and decided it was time to explore the possibility of making the next display a little more crowd-pleasing. After a few days of preliminary design-work, Light Up Florida became computer-controlled and syncronised to music. This was the way forward.

The lead-up to December 2005 was a busy time, especially for James, who spent much of his free time developing a safe and reliable control system for the lights. In July, the 'shoebox controller' was born, and the computer-controlled concept turned into reality. A few changes to the house's electrical system and a major lights purchase secured the fate of the 2005 display.

With construction of, amongst other things, dozens of controllers and the new mini trees, the summer quickly became the time of year progress was really made on the Christmas lights displays. We stepped down to two main colours - blue and purple - for simplicity in this first year of animated lighting.

The result? A literally "all-singing, all-dancing" 25000 light extravaganza. Enjoy the show.

Did you know?
Our displays used to use completely standard, store-bought mini lights. We just used a lot more than a standard amount.

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