In January 2006, disaster struck. Luckily, the occurance that took place happened just before the 2005 display was due to be disassembled, so made no difference to Christmas 2005... the consequences, however, were catastrophic. The entire light control system was destroyed. The cause? A particularly dew-laiden January morning, and poor planning on James' part by placing more sensitive electronic equipment outside than strictly necessary.

Thankfully, all was not lost - enthusiasm-wise, anyway. The solution? A brand new control system! For painstaking hours, days and weeks during the first half of 2006, James redesigned and rebuilt the lighting control hardware, making sure it was entirely weatherproof and that as many component parts were kept indoors, out of harm's way, as possible.

In addition, not wanting to feel as if no progress had been made since the year before, the display itself was completely redesigned. 2006 saw the single largest addition of lights in the display's history, far more elaborate sequencing thanks to new software, more colour, more effects... you name it. We pretty much had it all.

So, after months of planning, construction and sequencing, we present the 40000-strong light show that is Light Up Florida 2006. Enjoy!

Did you know?
Light Up Florida's home is St Petersburg, which is the founding location of the popular Web site Wikipedia.

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